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Since investing in our new Zund G3 Digital Cutter our clients have made the most of its capacities for their more creative projects.

Using substrates that we could never use before Matic Media have been able to print, cut, score, route and construct fantastic new products from POS displays, to props and even printed furniture.

Below are a few resent products to demonstrate what is now at our customers disposal.


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Who Are We?

With more than 50 years of experience of supplying cars to the taxi and private hire industry for SEAT and Citroen in the UK. The Taxi Centre is not only one of the best known vehicle supplier, but also the most respected. The many 1000's of taxis that have been delivered to customers throughout the UK are testimony of our unequalled customer care and also the good will and loyalty afforded to us from many taxi drivers and companies.

At the same time we have the support of many vehicle dealers and car manufacturers and indeed are the preferred supplier of vehicles to the taxi and private hire industry for SEAT and Citroen in the UK.

Our history is steeped in pride, quality and innovation and our pledge is to do what is promised and provide you with good old fashioned service based on the most modern back up and technology.

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